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Committed to Establishing your

“Distinction of Excellence”

HACCPCanada offers CERTIFICATION to all Retail Food Service Establishments. 

Having HACCP Certification in your retail outlet affords you a Distinction of Excellence” and sets you apart in your commitment to food safety. 

Gaining consumers’ confidence in their dining experience is top priority in the Food Service Industry and having a Public Awareness Program with HACCPCanada  assures them of the dedication and hard work that is being performed and established in your business. 

You will be proud to display our HACCPCanada CERTIFIED Logo, affirming your implementation of HACCP principles and procedures. 

Our goal is to give YOU confidence to clearly convey your desire to ensure the meals are served with the utmost care and consideration in protecting the public’s health. 


Recent Posts

HACCPCanada Certifies Pop Curds

HACCPCanada has issued Certification to Pop Curds of Casselman, ON, having demonstrated all of the necessary requirements for manufacture of frozen  and glass containers by maintaining an Active HACCP-Based Food Safety System centered on industry standards which fully meets or exceeds the Food Safety Codes of:

  • Provincial Health Regulatory Authorities.
  • Health Canada.
  • World Health Organization.


HACCPCanada advocates and mandates HACCP System Certification with an emphasis on providing Food Safety Confidence to the Consumer.  HACCPCanada is the only domestic Canadian Certifying Body (an independent & impartial national organization which evaluates and verifies HACCP systems) and has succeeded in furnishing an economical, effective and expedient Certification Process for the Retail Food Supply Chain including Non-Registered Manufacturing, Wineries, Warehousing, Logistics, Restaurants, Sanitation Services and Retail Food Outlets.  We also provide consulting services, online training and in-house training options.

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