Boucherie Laurentienne Ltd. Recalls Many Products

HACCPCanada Certification - Be Informed


Reminder 2457 – Class 2

Notice not to consume meat products-UPDATE RELEASE ISSUED THE 28 MARS 2013

Quebec, April 4, 2013 – The MAPAQ, in collaboration with Boucherie Laurentienne ltée, established at 381 Main Street, Wentworth-Nord, and businesses listed in the table below are warning the public not to consume products manufactured by the Boucherie Laurentienne ltée which are described in the following list because they have not been prepared so as to ensure safety.


Description of products

Polish Sausage
Sausage Cheese
Swiss Cheese Sausage 5
William Swiss Sausage
Sausage Weisswurst
sausage Knackwurst
Sausage Debreciner spicy
sausage Viennese
Viennese sausage spicy
sausage Shublig
farm Sausage
Sausage maple bacon smoked
sausage cheese Jalapino smoke
sausage bacon and cheddar Susi
Acapulco Sausage
Sausage honey-smoked
sausage rustic
sausage asparagus-cheddar smoked
sausage Asparagus Austrian
Maple Sausage
Kassler – smoked pork loin
bacon ham
dry Bacon
Bacon Black
Laurentian dry Bacon
Bacon farmer smoked dry
pork loin rolled smoke
brown Bacon
Hock smoked
bacon Euro

Point of sale

Dominic Piché Market (Marché Bonichoix), 3023 Labelle Boulevard (Prévost)
Market Power Neelima, 878, chemin du Village (Morin Heights)
The Cooperative Laurel Station, 3455 Main Road (Wentworth-Nord )
Market Bonichoix Fontaine, 15 rue des Lilas (Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson)
Master Saucissier, 105, rue Saint-Germain Ouest (Rimouski)
La Vielle Europe (Charcuterie Jose Santos), 3855, rue Saint-Laurent (Montreal)
La Fromagerie du Lac Carré, 2011 Main St. (Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré)
La Fromagerie des Nations, 3535 Highway 440 West (Chomedey)
La Fromagerie des Nations Anjou, 7500, boulevard des Galeries d’Anjou ( Montreal)
La Boucherie Fine Campbell, 2160 Boulevard Curé Labelle (Saint-Jérôme)
The Euro-Depot Deli, 1250, Bord Eau-De-(Sainte-Dorothée)
the European grocery inc., 560, rue Saint- Jean (Quebec)
Font Meat Berthelet (From The Stall Boucher), 250 Boulevard Lachapelle (Saint-Jérôme)
Suzy Bakery, 1688 Street Sugarbush (Pierrefonds)
Delicatessen and Pastry Bucharest, 4670 Decarie Boulevard (Montreal)

Products which are the subject of this warning were sold, chilled or frozen in establishments designated above. They have been repackaged and sold under various brand names through an agent. It also recommends that consumers can not determine the origin of a product to check with their retailer if they have purchased a product covered by this notice. This warning is specifically designed for products that have been purchased between 5 and 28 March 2013. It should be mentioned here that no cases of illness associated with the consumption of these products have been reported to date MAPAQ.

Operators are voluntarily recalling the products and have agreed with the Ministry to circulate this announcement as a precautionary measure. People who have one of these products in their possession are advised not to consume and discard.

HACCPCanada advocates and mandates HACCP System Certification; with an emphasis on providing Food Safety Confidence to the Consumer. We are a Third-Party Auditor and a Certifying Body (an independent & impartial national organization which evaluates and verifies HACCP systems) and have succeeded in furnishing an economical, effective and expedient Certification Process for the Retail Food Supply Chain including Non-Registered Manufacturing, Warehousing, Logistics, Restaurants and Retail Food Outlets.

Contact us to achieve Certification from HACCPCanada, today!



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