HACCPCanada Certifies DiLiso’s Fine Foods Ltd.

certified logo 2000x842HACCPCanada advocates and mandates HACCP System Certification with an emphasis on providing Food Safety Confidence to the Consumer.  HACCPCanada is the only domestic Canadian Certifying Body (an independent & impartial national organization which evaluates and verifies HACCP systems) and has succeeded in furnishing an economical, effective and expedient Certification Process for the Retail Food Supply Chain including Non-Registered Manufacturing, Warehousing, Logistics, Restaurants and Retail Food Outlets.  We also provide consulting services, online training and in-house training options.

Contact us to achieve Certification from HACCPCanada, today!

DiLiso's Fine Foods Ltd.DiLiso’s Fine Foods Ltd. in Toronto Area has achieved HACCPCanada Certification. The ownership, management and staff have demonstrated commitment to ensuring food safety by implementing a HACCP-Based Food Safety System that meets or exceeds the requirements of the National Regulatory Authority.

DiLiso’s Fine Foods Ltd supplies markets, grocery stores, restaurants, food trucks, pop-ups, bakeries and caterers with the freshest fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices. They have access to the safest, highest quality locally grown produce during the Ontario growing season.”  

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