MAPAQ Warns Against Kiosk Genevieve Gingras Spaghetti Sauces


Notice not to consume spaghetti sauce sold in glass jars

Quebec, September 26, 2012 – The MAPAQ, in collaboration with the company operating under the name Kiosk Geneviève Gingras  located at 1300, Dussault Boulevard in Saint-Marc-des-Careers , warning the public not to consume the house spaghetti sauce  sold in glass jars that business if the food was not kept in the refrigerator at all times since its purchase. The label on this product does not contain the words “Keep Refrigerated”.

The product that is the subject of this warning is marked Kiosque Geneviève Gingras on the label but does not include packing date or shelf life. It was sold refrigerated in glass jars of 500 ml Mason type at the designated facility above. It should be noted that no cases of illness associated with the consumption of this food has not been reported to date MAPAQ.

The company is voluntarily recalling the food and has agreed with MAPAQ to disseminate this warning as a precaution. Also, people who have this product in their possession and have not kept it refrigerated at all times are advised not to consume it and return to the institution where they bought it.



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