sending back positive vibes!

The hotflash is heating up.  I received a response to my last blog entry.

…. the comments were from an individual that is poorly informed about food safety and their power as a consumer.   Food safety should be top priority in any retail establishment, and that we as consumers have every right to make sure that is happening.Getting this message out is a great challenge!!

heheh… the negative view/comment about me taking pictures,,, surely these establishments have NOTHING to hide?  why, do i not have the right to preserve what im seeing or experiencing?  and, after all, how do we get information about the products in the stores, for example,  if not by taking pictures .. say … of the QR code on the packages.

amazingly I was also accused  of   “ I bet you took an aggressive loud attitude with the people in the store”  … interesting from someone not present.. First of all, even if I have hotflashes, it doesn’t translate into aggressive behaviour… lol. although, it does occur to me, that this is the very reason most people say nothing for fear of being perceived aggressive, when challenging status quo.

A Future Food Safe Shopper!

my contributing picture in the last post of the potential cross-contamination (cut watermelon placed next to raw chicken) was commented on as a practice to be defended by this uneducated individual.. by saying  “. It is exactly the same as if I purchased them in separate locations in the store and put them together in my shopping cart” . .  but I counter this with my concern of  what the Store does to protect the product as it bears the greater responsibility to maintain the products integrity.  Once the product is in a shopper’s cart it becomes their personal risk in how they choose to handle that product.  I would like to see the retail environment setting a better example for food safety, as they influence and impact a great majority of the general populace.

Thanks for the hotflashes, makes me feel alive!


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