Costco Recalls Krown Produce Mangoes


August 29, 2012
Re: Voluntary Recall of Daniella Brand Mangoes (PLU # 4051 and PLU # 4584), Product of Mexico
Dear Valued Costco Members:
On August 24th, 2012, our office received information from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (“CFIA”) indicating that certain DANIELLA brand mangoes (Product of Mexico), bearing PLU #’s 4051 and 4584, may be contaminated by Salmonella Braenderup bacteria. CFIA further confirmed that the affected mangoes were distributed nationally and sold at various retail stores between July 12th, 2012 and August 28th, 2012. There
have been several confirmed illnesses associated with the consumption of the affected mangoes.
Krown Produce Inc. takes all food safety issues very seriously and maintains a communication system which allows our office to act immediately on safety bulletins issued by CFIA. To that end, Krown Produce has made a decision to voluntarily recall the Daniella brand mangoes (PLU # 4051 and PLU # 4584), which were packaged and shipped to two Costco warehouses in Winnipeg on August 26, 2012. Of the affected mangoes, only 20 cases were sold to Costco members. The members were contacted by Costco and instructed not to consume the mangoes and to return the affected product for a full refund.
Krown Produce strives to obtain and uphold the utmost confidence of its customers. We will continue to take every step possible to ensure we provide you with quality products.
Should you have any questions regarding this voluntary recall, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 1-888-324-1111.



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