Questions that Fire Me Up!


Okay, I’m having a HOTFLASH!

Where has all the common sense gone?… the customer service gone?… the consumer power gone?  big questions, but my hot flashes are forcing me to find answers.

In the last few days, I’ve seen to many examples of these vitally important concepts becoming faded, diminished and deleted.  

ContaminationFor example, why do we still have open food bins at grocery stores, accessible soup tureens at convenience stores, baked goods at farmers markets?  Common sense these days should tell us that all these situations present potential scaries!………from food borne illnesses to food tampering!!

Customer service means we can get service, meaning Service Me! why must I service myself after all these other people have serviced themselves.

……and consumer power means, I’m the customer, I decide how, what, where, when and why! That’s 5 hot flashes!

when I ask, who has prepared this food, has your kitchen been inspected or certified, where is the “made” date, what is the temperature, how many hands have touched it, when was the last time the scoop was washed, why would I think this food is safe?

………somehow, I find these questions are perceived as attacks, not inquiries!

as customers and people with common sense, these questions should be perfectly acceptable and completely normal, even perceived as wise.

as consumers these questions should be identified as our right to know.

ahhh if only I could invoke friendly customer service,  expect businesses to understand my power as a consumer, and exercise my pure common sense… and keep my hot flashes  down to only a few in my daily routine.

Share your  “ hot flashes “ with me, maybe we can fire up some enthusiasm together for answers to our questions and make changes to our world. 


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