MAPAQ FOOD SAFETY WARNING: Nys Pastry House Spaghetti Sauce

Warning not to consume a homemade spaghetti sauce

Quebec, June 6, 2012 – MAPAQ, in collaboration with the company operating under the name Nys Pastry (Pastry Belgian artisanal) and located at 1449 Notre-Dame Centre in Three Rivers , warning the public not not consume the product of this company which is described below because it has not been prepared so as to ensure safety.

The product that is the subject of this warning is a spaghetti sauce . It has been packaged and sold in the designated facility above and includes the inscription “ SAUCE À SPAGHETTI MAISON on the label. It was sold unrefrigerated in glass jars of 1000 ml.

It should be pointed out that no illnesses associated with consumption of this product have been reported to date MAPAQ.

The operator is voluntarily recalling the product and agreed with MAPAQ to disseminate this notice as a precaution. Thus, people who have this product in their possession are advised not to eat it and return it to the institution where they bought it from or throw it away. Even if the product does not show evidence of tampering or strange smell, eating it can be a health risk.

Additional Information

Directorate General of Animal Health and Food Inspection
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food,
Tel. : 450 569-3005


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