Ron Chotka Enters Guilty Plea For Violating Health of Animals Act

Winnipeg, MB, April 05, 2012: On December 19, 2011 in Manitoba Provincial Court, Mr. Ron Chotka of McCreary, Manitoba, entered a guilty plea to one count of violating Section 35 (2) (a) of the Health of Animals Act.

In her decision, the Honourable Judge Curtis ordered Mr. Chotka to pay $1,000.

Section 35 (2) (a) of the Health of Animals Act. states:

“The owner or the person in charge of a place entered by an inspector or officer under section 38 and every person found in the place shall

(a) give the inspector or officer all reasonable assistance in the owner’s or person’s power to enable the inspector or officer to perform duties and functions under this Act or the regulations.”

A Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) investigation determined that Mr. Chotka did not present his bison to CFIA inspectors for inspection and testing for bovine tuberculosis.

The CFIA enforces federal legislation including the Health of Animals Act and its Regulations. The CFIA safeguards food, animals and plants which enhances the health and well-being of Canada’s people, environment and economy, and access to international markets.


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